SaynaProject Coordinator

    Sayna is an experienced civil engineering associate with a master’s in Civil Engineering and Construction Management and a bachelor’s in Structural engineering and a demonstrated history of success throughout her eight years in the design industry. She is skilled in damage assessment, analysis, design, repair and retrofit of existing buildings. Her portfolio includes a variety of residential, commercial and institutional building types all over the world, from California to Florida to New Zealand, Macau, Mexico and the UAE. Her work at KW&A allows her to combine her engineering and construction expertise for clients seeking help with project clearances, design review to determine compliance with zoning, residential, and building code requirements for a wide range of projects, including new residential, commercial construction, residential and commercial additions, commercial tenant improvements, planning, and providing engineering expertise on behalf of KW&A clients. Her expertise has led her to work with clients such as Automated People Mover LAX and Bel Air Country Club.

    Youstine Soliman