Nikki Ho

Having graduated from California State University, Long Beach as a Graphic Designer, Nikki began to explore the world of infrastructure and came across development and permitting. Nikki has been [...]


Larry Smith

Larry started with KWA in March of 2021 and has been working in the condition clearances and permitting industry for over 14 years. Larry earned his BA in Urban Planning from California State [...]


Ivan Lara

Graduated from UCSB in 2016 with a BA in Geography. Shortly after graduating he decided to pursue a career in project management because he loved the idea of being part of something bigger than [...]


Ryan Alcazar

Ryan has been expediting various types of building permits and consulting with clients on the LA City and County approval process since 2019. He specializes in permit issuance for the LAX [...]


Sayna Heshejin

Sayna is an experienced civil engineering associate with a master’s in Civil Engineering and Construction Management and a bachelor’s in Structural engineering and a demonstrated history of [...]